Well hello there

My name is Rachel, and I am an idiot.

I have come to accept this particular fact about myself after years of intensive therapy and a number of beatings. I now hope that by relieving myself of the burden of my misadventures others may learn from my mistakes, or at least benefit from a hearty chuckle over them. This is why I have decided to documents my past, and present, shenanigans to you, you gorgeous thing.

Throughout my life I have done, and said, things that make me cringe in shame. I often remember some of those things when going about my everyday business, and they still have the power to stop me dead and induce me to visibly shudder. Some of you may think that these occurrences are nothing, and you may wonder why they still affect me so. Well, I’ll let you into a little secret….. not only am I an idiot, I am also a neurotic mess who is plagued by guilt and worry, which causes me to torture myself and berate my very being. Some nights I lie in bed, unable to forget.

Isn’t it a shock that I’m single?

This website is set out into several different compartments

  •  Confession Catharsis is where I will (hopefully) entertain you with my tales of woe. Look to the right and you’ll notice that this is divided into my childhood, my teenage years and the near past. Every single one of these stories is completely true. The only thing has been changed is some of the names. I know that some of them seem unbelievable, but that is just how much of an idiot I am.
  •  Insane ramblings contains some of my short stories and general ponderings
  •  Diary Is where I will keep you up to date with my comings and goings, and will give you an insight into the life of a poverty stricken writer and performer
  •  My favourite thingswill supply you with visions of loveliness, such as comedy clips and books. I like to share the joy
  • Other work will contain videos and writings from my other projects. This will mainly concentrate on ‘Braintree Ways’ and its associated madness
  •  DO NOT LOOK AT THIS PAGE contains such foul and twisted visages that I beg you, do not look

Enjoy your self weary web traveller, I hope to gaze upon your beauty again soon


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