Earth Date 30/09/11

Exciting news

We (The Braintree Ways fools) got some very exciting news today. The very gorgeous Coco Deville, with PLAYGROUP Ltd, is starting a new cabaret night in Brighton, and they want to show our films at each of the events. The first night will be at The Blind Tiger Club on 27 November at 19:00 – 28 November at 01:00. The Facebook page is

Coco was very nice and gave us lovely compliments, which is always a good way to make us purr. The events are starting in November, and hopefully we can go along to the first one. I love cabarets, so it’ll be a great night even without our angelic faces gracing the big (projector) screen. I shall start to practice my diva-ish behaviour immediately, although there’s only me and the cat here, so I’m not entirely sure what I can have a strop about. Surely the point of being a diva is that others see you doing it? I shall have a think and then thrust my new persona into the public gaze at the next Braintree Ways meeting.

We’ve got some great videos edited and finished already, and hopefully by November we’ll have at least another two done. I recently taught myself how to use editing software, and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s a weird process though; it can take you an hour to sort out a couple of minutes of footage. But once you’ve spent all that time and come out with a finished product, well, there are few things in life that are that satisfying.

Anyway, I’ll make sure that I post further details of the upcoming events in Brighton, and hopefully I’ll see you there!


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