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Jam Stuff in Cow’s Twats

Chris Morris is another hero of mine. Fearless, hilarious and extremely clever. I love all of the Brass Eye moments, but this particular clip is one of my favourites. Every so often the phrase ‘you don’t even know what electricity is’ will pop into my head and I laugh out loud. This mainly happens to me in public, and it’s a hard one to explain……..


Ross Noble and the Hare Krishna’s

Ross Noble is one of my favourite stand up comedians, and I’m so jealous of his magnificent abilty to improvise on a huge variety of subjects. I’ve added this clip as this is from the first Noble show I saw (unrealtime) and I soon fell in love with him. Hare Krishna

If you’ve never seen Ross Noble GO WATCH HIM NOW, or I’ll get angry

French Taunting

Another fabulous Python clip. The holy Grail is my favourite Python film, and one of my favourite films of all time. Sometimes I quote this clip when alone, and I laugh. Everytime.

Monty Python

This is not a well known Python sketch, but I love it. It’s classic and, to me, has all of the perfect Python ingredients – wordplay, double entendres, physical comedy and complete madness. What a super woody type of phrase…….

Ricky Gervais

I do love Ricky Gervais, and I think he was perfect when he hosted the Golden Globes. It’s a perfect mixture of cringing and hysterical laughter. Enjoy!

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