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I Knew You Couldn’t Resist

  My Cunning Mediocre Plan Worked a Treat

Although I have talked about “Braintree Ways” elsewhere, I wanted to be a bit cheeky and big it up once again. It’s run by a delightful band of insane chimps, bent on world domination and general mischief.

We don’t make a profit with the website, that’s not the point. But unfortunately things cost money: Bananas, video and audio equipment, site costs and full time carers

This is where you come in

Why not have a little cyber wander around our world? Go on, I’ll wait here for you. Just click on the logo below

Welcome back. I know you enjoyed it, I can tell by the look on your face*. If you want to help us to continue to be silly for others amusement then click on the donate button and help us to spread some joy

*Legal Disclaimer I can’t actually see you. There are no hidden cameras in your room, I am not stalking you. I promise


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